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Waste Water Treatment Plant (ETP,STP,ZLD& WTP) Turnkey Projects Design & Execution

Treatability Studies on Waste Water / Effluent Samples for deriving Treatment Scheme as suitable to different types of industries / estates.

Design and Engineering for Water Treatment Plants for Process Industries and Estates

Performance Evaluation Studies for Present ETP / CETP Set Ups.

Water Balance and Water Audit / Water Conservation Studies

Feasibility Studies for New ETP / WTP / CETP Set ups and Modifications / debottlenecking / expansion of existing ETP’s / CETP’s

Design and Engineering for New ETP / CETP / WTP set Ups for industries / estates / townships

Technologies considered for designs for treatment processes are Conventional (Aeration by Surface Aerator/Diffusers), Extended Aeration, Anaerobic Reactors, Trickling filters, SAFF systems, SBR, MBBR & MBR Systems etc.

Designs of Zero Liquid Discharge Systems including Recycling RO and MEE Systems.

Turnkey Execution of works including Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Mechanical, Electrical, Piping, and Instrumentation items of works for ETP’s / CETP’s / WTP’s.

Design, Fabrication, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of ETP Equipment such as Tube Settlers, Clarifiers, Surface Aerators, Diffused Aeration Systems, Filtration Systems etc.

Designs and Execution of works for ETP’s / CETP’s / WTP’s for Full Automation of Plants with PLC and SCADA system.