“Sewage Treatment Plant: New age Earning. “

Sewage means wastewater in generated from Toilets, Kitchen, Bathrooms, etc especially from Human body and vegetables or any leaving body needs to be collected and treated biologically followed by filtration to avoid organic decomposition and this kind of wastewater is also termed as “Domestic wastewater”. The Sewage water is treated in a dedicated treatment plant termed as sewage treatment plant (STP).


Purpose of Sewage Treatment Plant

The main purpose of sewage treatment is to generate treated effluent that is safe for discharged to the environment with reduced or no harm to the environment or it can also be reused back to the end user. This is achieved by removing contaminants from the sewage. It is a form of waste management.

South Gujarat is having total population of Approx. 22 million which is generating Approx 3000 MLD of total wastewater discharging into rivers, Ponds and other water bodies.

Out of these 3000 MLD of wastewater, only approx. 60-70% of is being treated and Approx 10 % of wastewater is being recycled.

The population growth of Gujarat is projected at 25% in upcoming years which means the water demand will keep on increasing and water resources remains at constant.

Total Approx 40,000 Industries are there across Gujarat and the industrial growth will be as high as 14.8% in upcoming years which also attract increase in water demand.

Eventually, more people will be migrating to Gujarat due to employment opportunities.

Hence, optimized use of 3000 MLD of treated sewage is becoming crucial or only alternative especially for industries and large-scale residential projects.

Hence it will be a win situation for both Industries and residential projects to maximizing the recycling of treated sewage and utilize it in industries itself and save 20-30% of water demand.

Due to increased water demand, the cost of water will also getting increased and it is observed that raw water rates have been increased 3 times in last five years and will keep on increasing and hence, now a days, by only recycling through STP, industry or society can get payback of project right from as low as 6 months.

Now a day, as per recent notification published from Pollution Control Board, industries having more than 200 manpower count/ 20 KLD of domestic wastewater generators needs to install a separate STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) irrespective of discharge point and large scale industrial projects having super built up area of more than 20000 sqm having Environmental Clearance (EC) need to install STP with full/ partial recycling facility as per their EC document.

For this, Ensafe is installing and handling state of the art wastewater recycling plants since last 12 years nationally and internationally.

Company also supporting in Environmental compliance to Industries owners and developers. Ensafe also providing engineering consultancy for storm water and drainage networks.

Ensafe is also delivering workshops on sustainable developments through wastewater recycling.



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